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    Im a 5 month old corgi living in San Diego County. I love to play tag, tug-a-war and give high fives. Watch me grow on and follow my adventures on instagram, @kaiah_corgi

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    Houndstooth 3

    My name is Houndstooth, but you can call me Howie! I'm the HB(asset)IC of downtown Des Moines. @Houndstooth_The_Basset

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    Houndstooth 2

    My name is Houndstooth, but you can call me Howie! I'm the HB(asset)IC of downtown Des Moines. Yes, I have heard that my ears are as big am.

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    2 years old Shih Tzu -- Lovin' his Red socks. ♥

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    Jemma 2

    14 years old, eats, sleeps and is the best dog ever. She is so patient with little kids and her little brother. I love her

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    The Fonz 2

    Fonz is a spunky 5 year old Miniature Party Schnauzer. Though he grayed early on in life, he is still a 'party animal' at heart!

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    Lily 2

    Lily loves to jump around. She jumps super high despite being a kitten, and when she plays she loves to jump with her paws out.

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    A photogenic red eared slider (as seen in picture). He's either practicing his split or caught doing something he doesn't want me to know here

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    Ragnarok 3

    Ragnarok can destroy a whole toilet roll in under 30 seconds, living up to her name.

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    Here's a picture of my food .

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    Aged 10. Steals coffee. Has won acclaim for her wrinkly,velvety paws. Won third place in standard section of NZ inaugural wiener derby.

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