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Here Are All The Celebrities Who Attended The Royal Wedding

It was the most A-list event of the year.

50 Dogs Who Made 2017 A Little More Bearable

It's been a good year for good boys.

21 Adorable Snapchats That Will Make You Say "Awwww"

Warning: These are overwhelmingly cute.

This Little Girl Cried Meeting Gal Gadot And It's Proof Representation Matters

The little girl burst into tears when confronted with her idol at San Diego Comic-Con – and Gal Gadot's reaction was completely adorable.

19 Wholesome Boyfriends Who Are So Damn Pure It'll Make You Smile

:Sends to boyfriend as a way to drop hints:.

22 Tweets That Will Make You Love Cats Even More Than You Do Already

You might not believe it's possible, but it is.

19 Reasons We Should All Be A Little Bit In Love With Andrew Garfield

"This is a suit by Tom Ford...and my face is by my mum and dad."

Emma Stone Had The Best Damn Night At The Golden Globes

Can't wait for next year's Emma Stone Awards!

This Guy Putting His Sleeping Girlfriend's Bonnet On Is What True Love Looks Like

AJ Woodson told BuzzFeed News: "It’s the small stuff that matters the most."

23 Times Eddie Redmayne Was Too Precious For This World

"A bath solves most of the problems in my life. And Pizza Express."

23 Heartbreaking Doodles That'll Make You Laugh, Cry, Or Probably Both

Warning: The following drawings may leave you needing a bit of a hug.

20 Impossibly Tasteful Sister Tattoos

Because sisterhood is forever.

21 Secrets MAC Employees Will Never Tell You

What's better than a name tag? A rose-gold necklace, that's what.

19 Times Dogs Were The Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve

They truly make it a better place.

21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Love

Just a bunch of nice, wholesome photos.

21 Pure And Perfect Things That Will Make You Feel Better

Just a reminder that not everything is terrible.

Only A Cat Person Can Get More Than 70% In This Quiz

Put your kitty conscience to the test.

A Tiny Rescue Hedgehog With Fangs Has Become A Famous Instagram Model

His full name is Sir Hodge Huffington the Cricket Slayer, but you can call him Huff for short.

21 Ways To Cover Your Home With Pictures Of Your Own Cat

Pictures of your cat > pictures of any other cat.

Being A Lesbian In Your Twenties Vs Being A Lesbian In Your Thirties

"Want to take another nap and then rewatch Bound?"

17 Valentine's Day Cards Long Term Couples Need

Love you, even though you fart in bed.

17 Teeny Tiny Necklaces For Your Inner Scientist

Beautiful things come in small packages.

This Story About Alan Rickman And Rupert Grint Bonding Is Lovely

The Harry Potter set saw some heartwarming moments.

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