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18 Reasons Erin Heatherton Is Perfection

She's a badass model who gets down and dirty on the court.

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1. NEWSFLASH! This is an official announcement that Erin Heatherton is absolutely amazing.

4. She even has her own team.

5. She's into a lot of fitness stuff, actually.

All about that #cyclelife.

6. Which makes sense, when she looks this stunning on a bike.

8. Her hair game is always on point.

9. And her wig game is through the stupid roof!

10. She has an adorable relationship.

12. She's not afraid to geek out.

'Bout time we had a female Capin'Merrca.

15. She makes these flowers take a back seat in the beauty department.

16. And honestly, these palm fronds never stood a chance.

17. She was born with a gift.

18. Never change, Erin. You are perfect!

"You can take me out of the sun but you can't take the sunshine out of me." —EH