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11 Signs You're The Sexy One In Your Friend Group

If you got it, flaunt it. Stay sexy and confident with Curve for Men.

1. You wake up feeling FLAWLESS every gosh-darn day of your life.

2. You never met a mirror you didn't like.

3. Taking selfies is your favorite activity.

4. Except perhaps posing for others' pics.

5. You feel like you were born for the stage.

6. Or at least meant to model.

7. You never have any trouble getting drinks at the bar.

8. You might actually live for the APPLAUSE.

9. Your milkshake brings everybody to the yard.

10. It's almost as if the sun rises just to illuminate your beautiful face.

just in case anyone was doubting my magic

11. But despite all that comes with being completely and outrageously sexy, you never let it go to your head.

Stay confident and undeniable with Curve for Men.