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    Updated on May 14, 2020. Posted on Apr 29, 2020

    6 Exclusive Growth Hacking Tips From Tiktok Influencer Hejar Abdi

    After Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, there is a new massive popular social media platform that has been on the rising; Tiktok. It’s originally a video-sharing social networking service owned by the Chinese company ByteDance and used to create short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. After gaining major popularity among young children and teens, the app has finally reached the attention of bigger brands and influencers. Today we’ve asked 26-year old Entrepreneur/Influencer Hejar Abdi from The Netherlands to share some of his secrets and tips on how to grow your audience fast and succesful with Tiktok. Abdi used to be a content creator to major brands and influencers helping them to grow on different social media platforms, with his most famous client being none other then Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke, former partner of Jay-Z and co-founder of Rocafella records.

    Hejar Abdi

    Abdi during a photoshoot for the American-Japanese brand Ichiban Yōfuku

    1. Follow The Trends

    Whereas influencers on other platforms often emphasize the importance of creating unique and authentic content to grow an audience, I would actually suggest to follow what is trending on Tiktok, but with a small minor twist that sets you apart from the rest. Reason why is because one of Tiktok's formula for success is its unique user-based algorhytm. Every user will have a different feed. You will only see the type of videos that hold your specific attention. If you like a certain dance trend, you will be more likely to see more dancing videos and also more likely to engage with those posts.

    2. Stick To Your Niche

    Like mentioned before, Tiktok is all about algorhytm. When you start making a new account, your first five videos will determine in what type of niche you are. Tiktok likes to place accounts in niches, so they can further optimize the user-based experience. If your first five videos are you making funny videos, but suddenly you decide to create singing videos, this can get the algorhytm confused and possibly not push your videos on the 'For You' page anymore.

    3. Use Hashtags With Less Competition

    Just like Twitter and Instagram you can also use hashtags on Tiktok. Most people that are new on the platform use major well-known hashtags like 'for you', 'fyp', etc. The problem of this however, is that almost everyone uses them and thus are overly competitive. It's better to use a specific hashtag with lower competition, that is correlated to your brand or business and has between 500k - 1 million views. Your goal should be to grow your target fanbase, not to have 500k views by any ordinary Joe or Karen. You should aim to rather have 50k specific views of your main audience then a random 500k views with people no interest in your service or product.

    4. Negativity Spreads Faster, But Positivity Stays Longer

    Sometimes I see people being determined to grow viral by using controversial content. Although it will grasp some of the people's attention, this attention will also be of very short notice. It's better to stick to something you are genuinely passionate about. I believe by doing so consistent enough, it will be only a matter of time untill like-minded individuals will find your account and shall support you in your cause.

    5. Ignore The Trolls And Haters

    Like every social media platform, there are also a lot of trolls and haters on Tiktok hiding behind a profile image and a private account. Because the majority of the users are mostly kids and young teens, the comment section can sometimes give the atmosphere of a highschool. Which was for some the best and for some the worst period of their lives. Sadly enough I sometimes see very talented people that let the fear of mean comments and criticism stop them from putting out their creative content. A mental trick what I use to not let it mess with my mind (although a little stoic) is to see it as part of success. Think about the greatest athletes and performers in this world, they all had haters. If they hate on Michael Jackson, even with his level of talent, they will hate on anybody. Also don't take it personal. The mean comments says more about the person writing it than it says about you. Only hurt people hurt people.

    6. By Any Means, Create!

    Vincent van Gogh the famous painter said: If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint', then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. I give that same advice to people in the creative field. Some of my most viewed Tiktok videos with half a million views, have been made randomly without any preparation at all. Everytime you put out more content, you increase the odds of being notice. You only have to be right once. If one video blows up, that will gain your account attention of possibly interested users who will then also check out your other videos. In the words of a chinese verb: 'The best day to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best day is today.' So start creating today!

    Those are the 6 tips every aspiring tiktok influencer needs to know according to Abdi. People can find him on Instagram (@hejarabdi) and Tiktok (@imhejar).

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