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18 Problems That Only Occur When You Love Cricket

If only we just liked cricket...

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1. Your fingers turn all sorts of colours.

Golden duck and a dislocated finger, not the best start to the season #cricketproblems #cricketisback #ouch

2. The technical terms could fill a dictionary.

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There's field positioning, bowling techniques, stroke play, and pitch conditioning to learn, and that's before you get on to the nightwatchmen and silly nannies. Good luck explaining any of that to a newcomer.

4. The decades of controversy over the "one bounce, one hand" catch and you're out rule.

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The correct answer: It was a necessary evil at school to ensure the same kid couldn't stay at the crease for an entire (lunchtime) innings.

11. Did we mention the bruises?

12. The utter heartbreak of a broken bat.

Gutted! A week before the cricket season strats and i have broken my bat! #cantplay #annoyed #cricketbat

14. Not even cricket fans understand the Duckworth–Lewis method.

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1) The name. 2) It means it's rained. 3) No one knows how to calculate it. 4) No one outside of cricket understands it. 5) CRICKET SHOULDN'T BE THIS HARD.

17. Only a few countries play it professionally.

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Yes, it's the world's second-most popular sport with over 2 billion fans, but on the world's stage, it can be...a struggle to get the numbers together, quite frankly.

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