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14 Incredibly Impressive Sporting GIFs

Not all heroes wear capes.

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1. When you fancy doing five sports at once to save time.

2. TFW a pug is better at skateboarding than you are.

3. That counts double, right?

4. ?!?!?!?! / Via

If this guy was born a few hundred years earlier, he would've definitely been burned as a witch.


6. Ruined (only slightly) by the last-second glance over the shoulder.

I see you, bruh.

7. This guy just mastered physics.

8. This isn't really a sport... / Via

...but it should be.

9. We're gonna give him the benefit of the doubt, here.

10. Wait... What just happened?

11. Unnecessary flourishes are our jam.

12. OK, that dog deserves a cape.

13. New Zealand here, making dangerous sports even more dangerous.

14. Making it that far is an achievement, tbqhwy.

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