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16 Healthy Frozen Smoothie Recipes To Start Your Day Right

You + a freezer = endless possibilities.

1. Pecan Pie Coffee Smoothie

2. Mango Vanilla Honey Push-Up Pop

3. Tutti-Frutti Smoothie

4. Breakfast Frozen Hot Chocolate

5. Blueberry Mango Smoothie

6. Glowing Coconut Carrot Smoothie

7. Blueberry and Coconut Vegan Ice Cream

8. Chocolate Chai Tea Latte Milkshake

9. Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Lollies

10. Blackberry Watermelon Coconut Smoothie

11. Big Batch Smoothie

12. Peach Raspberry Smoothie

13. Nutella, Banana, and Coffee Smoothie

14. Peaches and Cream Cinnamon Spice Frosty

15. Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

16. Strawberry Kiwi Protein Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies are great, but frozen smoothies are even better. Head over to Currys PC World to explore their exciting fridge-freezer range.