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    The Top 11 Worst Things About Growing Out Natural, Black Hair.

    So, you've taken the decision to grow out your happy, nappy locks. Now for the hard part.

    1. Trying to find the right products.

    2. ... And affording them once you do.

    3. Combing.

    4. The Ignorant Questions.

    5. Seeing other people having to do 1/10 as much work for hair that looks 1,000,000x better.

    6. People asking to touch it.

    7. The results of forgetting to wrap your hair that one night.

    8. The bald and beweaved who mean-mug.

    9. Saying goodbye to hoods and hats.

    10. Keeping track of washings.

    11. Resisting the temptation to take the easy way out.