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The 20 Signs That Spring Break Needs To Come, Like, Now.

You know that you need a break when ...

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1. Your friendships have become entirely meaningless.

Are you doing my homework? Do you bleed espresso? Can you summon bacon out of thin air? Didn't think so.

2. You are SO done with people.

OMGF. We are never going to get Starbucks together, I have no interest in eating with you and your romantic troubles bore the f***ing s*** out of me. Get out.

3. You can't remember the last non-caffeinated drink you had.

At this point, your Starbucks visits cost more than your tuition.

4. There has not been a blank space on your schedule since mid-2011.

5. You have started to forget the most basic of information.

What is the capital of France? You mean France has a capital? Holy crap!

6. You have started paying REALLY close attention to your participation grade.

So if I get at least an A- in bio, go to Russian Literature but don't say anything and send my Business professor a really nice Christmas e-mail, can I skip French class tomorrow?

7. Bathing has become the least of your worries.

Be honest with yourself and with us. We know you have been wearing those clothes for three days and the likelihood of you having showered in that timespan is not looking good.

8. You are calling your family a RIDICULOUS amount of times.

I mean, hey, it HAS been 17 minutes already.

9. OR, you just want them to stop calling you ever.

That 7 minutes that you tried to be nice to me, I could have spent chugging espresso. Thanks, mom.

10. Every day you realize new things that you forgot you had to do.

Ten-page paper. Due tomorrow. Not started. #turndown4wut

11. Sleep is a vague memory, like Saturday morning cartoons and healthy self-esteem.

Seriously, is sleep still a thing?

12. Your professors are about to get the Cell Block Tango treatment.

Listen, I have had four hours of sleep in a week, I cannot remember my last full meal and I just finished the last PowerPuff Girl's episode on Netflix. Don't tread on me.

13. You realize that it is not humanly possible to keep up with all of your courses.

Yeah, about those three exams, two papers, weekly reflections and daily club meetings ...

14. Even procrastination cannot help anymore.

Because when you finally relax, you remember all the stuff you should be doing.

15. Your bed is your worst nightmare.

Lie down, wait ten seconds and then be brutally confronted with everything you have been putting off for the last week.

16. A professor giving you an extension is a gift from Heaven.

So wow. Much happy. All feels.

17. You don't even pretend to do the reading anymore.

UGHOMFGWHYAMIHERE. You know I didn't do it, I know I didn't do it and now we all have to sit around while I BS my way through 300 pages of James Joyce.

18. Any mention of free time sounds like a trap.

I took a 12 minute long shower last week and counted it as a study break. I can see through your lies, Devil.

19. Eating - whenever you can do it - is your new therapy.

Don't worry, the donuts will protect you from your philosophy paper.

20. Your school spirit is just about dead.

I mean, really. But actually. If you force me into one more sweater with our logo on it, I will SHUT. IT. DOWN.

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