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The 20 Signs That Spring Break Needs To Come, Like, Now.

You know that you need a break when ...

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6. You have started paying REALLY close attention to your participation grade.

So if I get at least an A- in bio, go to Russian Literature but don't say anything and send my Business professor a really nice Christmas e-mail, can I skip French class tomorrow?

7. Bathing has become the least of your worries.

Be honest with yourself and with us. We know you have been wearing those clothes for three days and the likelihood of you having showered in that timespan is not looking good.

12. Your professors are about to get the Cell Block Tango treatment.

Listen, I have had four hours of sleep in a week, I cannot remember my last full meal and I just finished the last PowerPuff Girl's episode on Netflix. Don't tread on me.

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