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    5 Peter Capaldi Performances To Watch Before The Premiere Of "Doctor Who"

    Bask in the gloriousness that is Peter Capaldi before the Doctor Who series 8 comes on.

    1. Doctor Who, Fires of Pompeii


    What better place to start than to revisit Peter’s first episode? He plays the sure-to-be-doomed Lucius Caecilius Iucundus, a Roman merchant and art enthusiast (he asks to buy the TARDIS) who has the misfortune to live in Pompeii. While it’s far from the best episode of Doctor Who, it does give us a bit of interesting trivia. RTD had a reason for Capaldi being in both Doctor Who & Torchwood, and he’s discussed with Moffat.

    2. Torchwood:, Children Of Earth


    I can hear the collective whimper across the internet. Yes, Children of Earth. It’s a doozy. Torchwood’s third and best series (arguably more of a mini-series event) is a terrifying look at the horrific nature of human beings and the decisions we make. There’s social commentary on class and race and so much more and in the mix of it all is poor John Frobisher. He’s the middle man stuck between the government and an alien invasion that threatens every child on Earth.

    He’s a pawn and his slow realization of this and his helplessness and desperation to do the right thing is downright tragic to watch. Capaldi never overplays it. Instead we see his inner struggle, the pain and panic, and his ultimate decision will leave you sobbing.

    There is a theory that Frobisher IS The Doctor, which would be all sorts of horrifying, but a damn good twist considering what happens.

    3. The Hour

    BBC Two

    Peter is only in the second series of The Hour, but he has a large presence. He played Randall Brown, the OCD Head of News who is unapologetically cool, collected, and will not take anyone’s shit. He also fights to bring out the best in his journalists and doesn’t settle for second best. His own sub-plot is also incredibly intriguing and touching. I cannot recommend The Hour enough. Randall was the character that made me fall in love with this man’s acting.

    4. The Thick of It & In The Loop

    BBC Four

    Oh Malcolm Tucker. The foul mouthed Director of Communications is probably the role Capaldi is best known for. The Thick of It series and its film, In The Loop, are hilarious political satires that actually do a really good job of showing how the UK’s government works in a weird way. Ministers and departments a plenty, there’s none that escape Tucker’s wrath. There was actually a swearing consultant on this show who went through all the scripts and added the swear words. What a job.

    But yeah, if you want a laugh and to be truly amazed at the ability in which Peter Capaldi can insult and offend, watch this show and the film. Hilarity.

    Also, it was just announced that his co-star in The Thick Of It, Chris Addison, will be joining the cast of the finale!

    5. The Musketeers

    BBC One

    Capaldi is a delightfully fiendish Cardinal Richelieu, and while I’m delighted he’s the 12th Doctor, I am GUTTED he won’t be in series 2 of The Musketeers. It had to happen, I know, but what I wouldn’t have given for another series of him scheming with that evil facial hair of his. I don’t think he will be in series 2 at all… he’ll just be… dead. Cardinal Mazarin is a douchecanoe too, but Richelieu really was Cardinal Douche of France.

    So there's my five suggestions for you all who may be knew to your new Lord and Master, Peter Capaldi. I'm so excited for the premiere and cannot wait to see where the 12th Doctor takes us. What are some of your favorite roles that Peter has done?

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