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Capital Humane Society Of Lincoln

Get involved with the local humane society in Lincoln, Nebraska

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We can all remember a time when we were hanging out on our couch at night watching TV and depressing melody of Arms of an Angel by Sarah McLachlan surprises us and ruins our entire mood. Whatever happiness we had is immediately gone as the images of the homeless dogs and cats scroll by and all we can do is change the channel to ignore what we saw 5 seconds ago to keep us from crying our eyes out. But is there a way to get people not to change the channel and actual see the reason behind those images of the mistreated animals?

In the United States there are 7.6 million companion animals in animal shelters, which out numbers homeless people 5 to 1. If those dogs are not adopted in 72 hours, the animal shelter will be put the dog down to make room for other animals. Meaning 2.7 million dogs and cats are put down every year because there is not enough room in the shelter or there are not enough adoptive homes.

Capital Humane Society is located at 2320 Park Boulevard and 6500 S. 70th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. Capital Humane Society is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on the donations of the public. You can give financial donations or actual pet supplies. If you are wanting to volunteer, the minimum age is 16 sessions are available on Capital Humane Society's website.

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