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11 Things To Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

what to do with all that candy you will have laying around your house after halloween

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1. Eat it all!

A simple solution to the mounds of Mounds you have sitting in that plastic bowl in your kitchen is to just eat it all as fast as you can.

2. Don't eat it

You can put the candy away and have it always be sitting in you cabinet or draw somewhere, you could save it, or you could just throw it away. Regardless, having that huge bag of candy you got for all the trick or treaters you never had come to you door just sit somewhere in your house is something that might happen

3. Throw it all away

You may shed a tear but just toss that bag of candy in the bottom of a garbage can and smack the lid on top of it as fast as you can, eliminating your temptation completely for those sugar filled calorie raisers.

4. Have a party

Having a party is the perfect way to get rid of a lot of things you may not want anymore, but its especially perfect for giving away candy you do not want anymore. Putting out a bowl of candy will for sure have someone wanting those fun size packs of chocolate bars and jaw breakers you have laying around still.

5. Give it away

Organize the candy you have, ask around for who likes the specific candies you have and give it away. You will probably make your friends day by giving them free candy.

6. Keep it for the kids

Whenever you are seeing a friend of family member with kids, bring some of the candy with you and become that kids new favorite person. You might set yourself up for failure however because that kid will always be expecting candy from you.

7. Freeze it

To keep the candy fresh, be sure to keep the candy frozen. This will also get it off the counter but will take up space in your freezer. Also will be great for a midnight snack remembering you have a lot of chocolate waiting for you to eat in the freezer.

8. Make it a gift

This is better than just giving the candy away randomly. If you give a candy lover a whole bag for a special occasion you will save money on a gift, get rid of you candy, and give someone something they love

9. Goes great with ice cream

Perfect! You already have toppings for when you have ice cream cravings.

10. Make something with it

The holidays are the perfect time to get creative. With all this extra candy, its you perfect building material.

11. Donate your candy

You can donate your candy to Treats for Troops, Halloween Candy Buy Back, and Ronald McDonald House Charities

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