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11 Things No One Tells You About Applying For Jobs

Tangent Lines, Sedimentary Rocks, and Shakespeare were all taught to us but why didn't anyone take the time to tell us how to apply for a job until it was to late?

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1. Resumes

This one page piece of paper is what can either get you a job or leave you out on the streets. Get experience in the real world and go to school because the more of both you have the better chances you have of landing that job you want so badly. Keep your resume short and sweet and get as much information as you can on one piece of paper.

2. Cover Letters

Cover Letters go along with your resume. These pieces of paper should only be used to some up and explain certain things in your resume but again, keep it short and sweet. Get directly to the point in your cover letter.

3. Job hunting

You can have the best resume and cover letter in the world but you need to get those pieces of paper in front of the right people. Job hunting is difficult but use resources such as the internet and career fairs to find your perfect fit.

4. Interview

This is probably the most stressful moment of finding a job. When in front of someone that could potentially change the rest of your life, be sure to sit up straight, breathe and think before you talk.

5. Knowledge

There will be several situations for the rest of your life when you will be put under stress and you will be uncomfortable. Be sure to look over the information of the company and job position you are trying to get and look it all over again. This is important because you will be asked questions in an interview that will relate to the company directly and you need to have knowledge about what the company has done or is trying to do

6. Proof reading

Your resume tells your future employers what you have done your whole life. Proof reading your resume over and over is important to make sure that your resume has no mistakes and you are not left feeling embarrassed in the middle of an interview

7. Making note of your strengths

Emphasize the things you are good at doing and could help you in getting a job

8. Get Experience

Real world experience is important. Be sure to try your best to get internships and other jobs while going through college to gain more experiences before joining the career path your are passionate for

9. Stay Positive

Not everything will go your way. Learn from mistakes and get better. Applying for jobs is a process and you need to respect the process. It may seem unfair at first but it will work out in the end. Stay Positive.

10. Ask for help

Its okay to not know what you are doing when applying for jobs. Universities are full of people who are there to help after graduation. Use them because they are very good at their jobs.

11. Stay focused

Applying for jobs will be an experienced but make sure to stay focused. You did not just go through your 4 hardest years of school for come out empty handed on the other end.

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