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Can WE All Agree That You Can Get A Great Deal At Sears?

I Sears it up every Sears O'Clock.

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Top of the marning to ya. That was me pretending to be Irish. Anyway....

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Can we talk about how underrated it is to shop at Sears?

Yes, that Sears.

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You might be thinking, "isn't that place an abandoned wasteland?"

You are sadly mistaken. It's a shopping utopia.

Treat Yo Self.

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First off, the mattresses? Hello?

Good night me.
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Good night me.

Plus, where else can you get a reasonably priced pair of Levi's 501s? How else am I gonna look like my main man, Mac Demarco?

Why would I ever set foot in a place that has this?

Ooh girl, just let me have my Sears time.

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Not to mention that Sears has been around since time began, so there's no reason not to trust them.

Can you say "birthplace of the awkward family photo"?

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I'm all ears when we're talkin' Sears.

Now let me be me and engage in some clutch Sears-assisted retail therapy.

Sears defender out.

Sears defender out.

Sears me, baby!

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