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Why Is iPhone Popular?

There is one thing that is undeniable in the Tech Industry presently. And it is the blatant hype around the IPhone but bugs the mind a lot on the reasons why it has gained so much notoriety in our society. Why in the world is it as popular as it is?

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1. Marketing

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Behind every successful product is a solid marketing team that leaves virtually no stone unturned and little to the imagination. The effort that Apple puts behind marketing their products is astronomical.

From shutting down any form of detractors, from unsatisfied users to rival and competing companies. They also have a way of making their product seem like the best thing to ever grace the World Wide Web.

From marketing their phones and other devices as items of luxury, they have found an effective sales strategy that has stuck in the people's minds, and this strategy also has them looking forward to every new flagship that would be released every other year.

2. Design

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Apart from the fact that it is marketed really well and effectively, it does not come up short in its design either. Going for a sleek and subtle physical design that makes it easy to hold, it has managed to reinvent itself over the years, going from small and sturdy to flat and wide in a progressive manner.

And this is not limited to the physical design too. They did not spare any expense in fixing up the phone with new technologies that can rival or surpass any other product in the world. The camera, for instance, is well known for its quality and its features.

Other features include the OS, the User Interface and the array of application available on the Apple Store. It makes the phones convenient to use.

3. Accessories

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Because of its popularity as one of the top devices in the world, its accessories are not difficult to find in the outside world. For example, the newly released IPhone X already has cases available everywhere. One of the best IPhone X cases include a luxury design, a leather case, and some ultra-thin cases.

Now, this is a product that was launched less than a week ago with so many accessories in the market.

Not only is there a hype around the iPhone, but there is also a huge market, and to their market, the phone delivers on their promises. And if they are happy, who is to judge?

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