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Ways To Make Someone Feeling Sad, Feel Better

The Blues is a natural thing in our lives. Everyone feels them.

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The Blues is a natural thing in our lives. Everyone feels them. That long face, tired eyes and a general morose expression is all to familiarize with us and when a friend or colleague feels the blues.... a part of us can strongly relate to their predicament.

When we feel them, people try their best to make us feel better, and when our friends or better half feel them, it is up to us to make them feel better about themselves. Here are ways to make someone feeling the blues, feel better.

1. Talk to them

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It is important to give them a listening ear, just sit quietly and listen to them talk through whatever is upsetting them. A problem shared is a problem half solved. But remember, try as much as possible not to solve their problem.

2. Buy Them a Gift

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You could also try to brighten their day by gifting them a thoughtful present. It might be something fun or silly or even something they have always hoped to have. But getting them a gift is a way to remind them that they are special to someone.

3. Be Okay With Silence

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It is important to note that some people don't want to talk when they are going through the blues. Sometimes, they would just love to sit in silence. It might be best if you sit with them through this silence in comfort and show you don't have to talk to be with them.

4. Hugs Hugs Hugs

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Hugs are beautiful ways to make someone who is emotionally distressed feel better. It raises serotonin level in the body and increases happiness. There are different kinds of hugs, and it is best to know about them and their effects on your friends or significant other.

5. Make Them Laugh.

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What better way is there to make someone feel better than making them laugh? Laughter really is the antidote to sadness, and it is best to sit with them and tell them jokes and stories. Have them forget their sorrows in minutes.

Having the blues is not the end of life, getting out of them is also really important as we should be there for our friends as they are there for us.

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