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Skating Scene Is Much More Than The Board Now

Since the first skateboard was invented, it has been followed by a horde of individuals following in its direction all in a bid to attain some level of euphoria and freedom felt while skating. This need has got people of all ages and mostly the demographics of the teenagers and the youths gravitating towards it.

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Forming some kind of skating culture that has really owned its own in our modern day lives.

With its own slang, language, and dressing, this culture, like any other movement worth looking at, has drawn the attention of the rest of the world. Covered by magazines, exhibited at shows and emulated by non-skaters.

With credible magazines like Vogue dedicating editorials such as "Skate Week" to shed more light on the culture, couture giants and other clothing retailers have repeatedly cashed in on this wave. And lately, there have been fervent and perpetual calls for the appropriation of the culture from the skaters who have grown possessive of their wave and we’ll be aware of the importance and the effect of their influence on the pop of culture.

But it is undeniable, the distinct look of the skater boy or girl. The round neck t-shirts with a screaming design.

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The shorts, or the fitted jeans, all rounded up with sleek looking vans shoes. It is subtle, yet glaring, the punk and the wildly progressive way the skaters choose to dress.

Magazines like Thrashes have relentless covered the culture so much, and so often they have also integrated themselves into the culture. The young, wild and carefree lifestyle, drawn to a close by a skateboard and ramps and helmets and a rebellious and unwaged attitude. The perfect recipe for this information age where everyone is trying to get something pent up out to the world.

The skating scene is much more than the board now. It extends far beyond the ramps and the language. It reaches far into the delectable fashion that has infected individuals that have never even seen a skateboard before in their lives. The skateboard scene is a fast-raging lifestyle with a strong identity that can't be lost, even if misappropriated.

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