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Motivation, The Daily Drive We Need In Our Life

If un-motivation is real and has been experienced by lots, why would motivation NOT be real?

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Everyone at one time or another in their lives is subjected to losing precious time in our lives feeling weak, tired, feeling..... unmotivated. It’s either fear of a blank page, or the fear of getting up and taking charge.

If un-motivation is real and has been experienced by lots, why would motivation NOT be real?


Wait, let's not move too fast. What is.... motivation? Motivation is simply what drives you toward a goal, that extra fuel that keeps you moving when things get tough. That extra push that nudges you just around the corner, it is important for us all at one point or another, to feel it because motivation is what makes us desire to do something.

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Why do we need motivation? Because of factors like fear and uncertainty, we find it easier to prevent ourselves from putting our works out there because we tend to be unsure of ourselves or we are afraid of not being good enough. Another cause for un-motivation can also be laziness. / Via

Well, motivation is the drive of life, and there are different forms of motivation. An example of negative motivation is having your boss threaten to sack you. This provides a negative sort of motivation, coupled with the pressure of course but motivation nonetheless.

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The motivation of necessity can fall under the fact that feeding yourself and holding a job is imperative to your survival. This fact can also give you some sort of drive to press harder in life.

But the best and most effective kind of motivation is the positive one. And this comes from the desire to effect a change for the purpose of effecting one, probably to better your life, better a person's life or leave a legacy.

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The best way to get and maintain motivation on your project is just to start it. Starting is basically getting half the work done; once you start you conquer a humongous amount of fear and uncertainty.

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Keep yourself driven by external factors. Try talking to someone to get drive off them, get inspired by what you see or read. Motivational quotes and lines really do work wonders to keep you pressing on in life. These motivational quotes can be found on the Internet, in a book or any other form of media. To beat this lack of drive that comes with fear and laziness.... remember you need to start and hold yourself accountable.

Motivation is indeed, the drive of life.... never run out of fuel.

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