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Industry's Next Big Thing.

Technology has always been that ravaging bull perpetually pushing human beings to the limit. Nudging closer to realizing and solidifying our desires while also bridging the wide gap between imagination and reality.

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This apparent reality has seeped into all areas of our lives, from our medicine, production, filmmaking, everyday lives and even our home decoration.


Although we have decorated the walls of our caves from the times, we were early humans. We have continuously strived to make a home out of everywhere we find ourselves, maybe a design here or there. Something to actually make it ours, the home. We have discovered over time that the decoration or the arrangement has the power to evoke certain feelings and we have poured more into it.

From the caves to the huts to the thatched roofs and the concrete homes we have today.


Trends have come and gone but the art of decoration and making your home a modern one still lives. One of the most influential and groundbreaking innovation in the interior Decor Industry is the use of the 3D floor planner.

Instead of going through the stress of buying things that might not exactly fit your design or instead of actually moving the huge chairs around a million and one times in search of the perfect combination, it is possible to use this innovation actually to design the room virtually.

The 3D Floor Planner is also capable of VR (Virtual reality) which takes the level of reality up a notch.


Both useful to homeowners and Interior Decor professionals, it makes it easy to run many iterations of design to see which one fits best before eventually settling in for one.

This apparent innovation has indeed found a home in the Home Interior design scene, with Dallas Style and Design naming one of their main propagators 'The Design Industry's Next Big Thing.'

The advantages of this innovation cannot be played down. It saves time and energy that would otherwise be wasted pushing things around and trial and error and is indeed, the future of interior design.

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