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Tony Little, Hit Man?

In this interview with spokesman and pop culture icon Tony Little, he dishes on his problems with the IRS, Apollo 13, and how he owns Michael Jackson's teeth. Or something like that. Full interview

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  • On the list of factoids about you, there was a blurb saying that you were recruited by an FBI-wanted hit man to be his partner. How did that happen?

  • There was this guy at the gym all the time and he kind of always wanted to talk to me. This was back when I was bodybuilding and I never really gave him much time. I talked to him a little bit to be nice but never really wanted to be friends with him. Then all of a sudden there was a New Year's Eve party that a good friend of mine had and he was there so we got to know each other a little bit more. Then that same friend brought him over to my house and the next thing I know the guy started stopping over at my house all the time. He was a nice enough guy and it had only been a couple of weeks since I'd gotten to know him and I got a phone call from the friend who had introduced us saying that the FBI and the sheriffs were over at his house looking for this guy and that they are saying he's an assassin and he kills people for money.

  • Then I hear the knock knock on the door and it's him...

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