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The Best '80s Slang

A countdown of the best '80s slang. If you were a child of the '80s, or if you've watched '80s tv shows and movies, you'll remember most of these. Did your favorite make the cut? How many do you still use today? To view the Top 5, click here.

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  • 26. Veg Out

    Meaning: Relax. Usage: Let's just veg out and watch music videos all day.

  • 25. Fresh

    Meaning: Stylish or cool. Usage: Did you see the fresh threads Steff was sporting at the party?

  • 24. Book

    Meaning: To hurry or to leave quickly. Usage: We need to book before Cameron's Dad gets home!

  • 23. Burn

    Meaning: Gotcha! Usage: Yo mama so ugly all the mirrors in your house break themselves. Burn!

  • 22. Tubular

    Meaning: Awesome. Usage: We just watched Red Dawn. It was totally tubular, dude!

  • 21. To the max

    Meaning: Extreme. Usage: The Thriller video is grody to the max!

  • 20. Gnarly

    Meaning: Extreme. Usage: Dude, let's catch some gnarly waves with Spicoli.

  • 19. Wiggin' out

    Meaning: Freaking out. Usage: I didn't get much sleep because Long Duck Dong was wiggin' out all night.

  • 18. Stoked

    Meaning: Excited. Usage: I'm so stoked! We just scored front row tix to the Duran Duran concert!

  • 17. Mallrats

    Meaning: Adolescents that hang out at the mall. Usage: There's way too many mallrats hanging out at Chess King on Friday nights.

  • 16. Dude

    Meaning: Person. Usage: Dude! Your brother Chet is a real jerkoff!

  • 15. I'm so sure

    Meaning: Unbelievable. Usage: You're saying you drove a DeLorean back in time and you helped your parents hook up at their prom? I'm so sure.

  • 14. Excellent

    Meaning: Great. Usage: I just scored some most excellent weed from those dudes that hang out in front of the Quick Stop.

  • 13. Wicked

    Meaning: Awesome. Usage: Have you seen Square Pegs? That show is wicked!

  • 12. Righteous

    Meaning: Awesome. Usage: Bono is so righteous!

  • 11. Bitchin'

    Meaning: Cool. Usage: Dude! That new Culture Club cassingle is bitchin'!

  • 10. Duh

    Meaning: Obviously. Usage: Everyone knows Duckie should've ended up with Andie at the end of Pretty In Pink. Duh!

  • 9. Gag me with a spoon

    Meaning: To disgust. Usage: My grandmother just felt me up! Gag me with a spoon!

  • 8. Like, oh my God!

    Meaning: Disbelief. Usage: Like, oh my God! I heard Mikey died by eating Pop Rocks with Coke.

  • 7. Rad

    Meaning: Awesome. Usage: Check out his rad Vans.

  • 6. Psych

    Meaning: I'm lying. Usage: Sure I'll skip the Thompson Twins concert to stay home for family game night, Mom. Psych!

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