• 26. Veg Out

    Meaning: Relax. Usage: Let’s just veg out and watch music videos all day.

  • 25. Fresh

    Meaning: Stylish or cool. Usage: Did you see the fresh threads Steff was sporting at the party?

  • 24. Book

    Meaning: To hurry or to leave quickly. Usage: We need to book before Cameron’s Dad gets home!

  • 23. Burn

    Meaning: Gotcha! Usage: Yo mama so ugly all the mirrors in your house break themselves. Burn!

  • 22. Tubular

    Meaning: Awesome. Usage: We just watched Red Dawn. It was totally tubular, dude!

  • 21. To the max

    Meaning: Extreme. Usage: The Thriller video is grody to the max!

  • 20. Gnarly

    Meaning: Extreme. Usage: Dude, let’s catch some gnarly waves with Spicoli.

  • 19. Wiggin’ out

    Meaning: Freaking out. Usage: I didn’t get much sleep because Long Duck Dong was wiggin’ out all night.

  • 18. Stoked

    Meaning: Excited. Usage: I’m so stoked! We just scored front row tix to the Duran Duran concert!

  • 17. Mallrats

    Meaning: Adolescents that hang out at the mall. Usage: There’s way too many mallrats hanging out at Chess King on Friday nights.

  • 16. Dude

    Meaning: Person. Usage: Dude! Your brother Chet is a real jerkoff!

  • 15. I’m so sure

    Meaning: Unbelievable. Usage: You’re saying you drove a DeLorean back in time and you helped your parents hook up at their prom? I’m so sure.

  • 14. Excellent

    Meaning: Great. Usage: I just scored some most excellent weed from those dudes that hang out in front of the Quick Stop.

  • 13. Wicked

    Meaning: Awesome. Usage: Have you seen Square Pegs? That show is wicked!

  • 12. Righteous

    Meaning: Awesome. Usage: Bono is so righteous!

  • 11. Bitchin’

    Meaning: Cool. Usage: Dude! That new Culture Club cassingle is bitchin’!

  • 10. Duh

    Meaning: Obviously. Usage: Everyone knows Duckie should’ve ended up with Andie at the end of Pretty In Pink. Duh!

  • 9. Gag me with a spoon

    Meaning: To disgust. Usage: My grandmother just felt me up! Gag me with a spoon!

  • 8. Like, oh my God!

    Meaning: Disbelief. Usage: Like, oh my God! I heard Mikey died by eating Pop Rocks with Coke.

  • 7. Rad

    Meaning: Awesome. Usage: Check out his rad Vans.

  • 6. Psych

    Meaning: I’m lying. Usage: Sure I’ll skip the Thompson Twins concert to stay home for family game night, Mom. Psych!

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