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Henry Rollins On Turning 50

And it looks a little desperate, a little balding, and a little rotund and I'm neither balding nor rotund. So I just don't want to go, "Hey here's 'Low Self Opinion' again. Come on kids!" It feels like being in year five at the university, like shouldn't you be doing something else? So it sounds like I'm burning this band but I'm not, but about four years ago I saw Van Halen on a night off in Chicago, with David Lee Roth singing and it was men in their fifties playing music they wrote in their twenties. And while the show was competent and they played the songs very well and Dave was leaping about, it was what it was and it was ultimately depressing. It was me and the road manager and we didn't even stay for the encore. We kind of looked at each other and said, "You had enough?" and we were both like, "Yeah, let's skulk out of here." Read the rest of the interview

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