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Cheetah Whores: From Mustard To Sharktopus

An interview with the lead singer of the Cheetah Whores, the band who wrote the theme song to SyFy's Sharktopus. She lets us know about their new album, their influences, Sharktopus, and more. To read the entire interview, click here.

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  • First things first: why Cheetah Whores? How did you guys come up with the name? "I'm a street-walkin' Cheetah with a hand full of Napalm!" It has nothing to do with The Cheetah Girls, we had the band name before they were born but there's a little bit of whore in every little girl.

  • Have you guys gained any national exposure from having your songs in the movie? Somewhat but we are still eating mustard sandwiches without the bread so we got some work to put in before TMZ and Perez Hilton start talking about which one of The Whores was arrested this week.

  • I know a lot of bands say that their records never come close to capturing their "live sound." How close does Bang Bang Baby come to a Cheetah Whores show? What are your live shows like? I think on a sober, well-rested day we are true to recorded sound, but at a normal show we drop a little drunken slop and swagger in the music and our stage shows get crazy out of control with riots and flying mic stands. We do invite a lot of tamtastic tambourine players to join us on stage as well.

  • Read the entire interview