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10 Reasons #TakeBackCrazy Is A Beautiful Thing For Your Mental Health!

Pretty Crazy Co. is changing what it means to be called crazy by society. Their #TakeBackCrazy campaign says it all along with their line of cute, quirky & empowering products. With a portion of all profits supporting mental health and social initiatives, here are some reasons why it's already seeing generous support from women's rights groups, LGBT youth and individuals suffering from mental illness.

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1. #TakeBackCrazy Is Changing What "Crazy" Means!

Instagram: @prettycrazyco / Via Instagram: @prettycrazyco

Often, the ones they call "crazy", are actually brave.

2. You Get Free Stuff!

Instagram: @prettycrazyco

To spread the love and the message, for a limited time Pretty Crazy Co. is giving away free decals to their supporters!

3. Huffington Post Writers Support #TakeBackCrazy

Instagram: @prettycrazyco

Many noted stigma-fighters are jumping on board and spreading the "crazy".

4. It's Body-Positive!

Jennifer Alexander Model / Via Instagram: @JenniferAlexanderModel

#TakeBackCrazy is all about being comfortable with who you are! Plus size models and body-positive warriors are embracing the movement.

5. There's "Pretty Crazy" Stigma-Fighting Swag!

Instagram: @prettycrazyco / Via

Pretty Crazy Co. has an empowering line of apparel.

9. It Sets You Free.

Instagram: @prettycrazyco

It makes you realize that the "crazy" ones are often the most sane.

10. Because it makes "Crazy" A Beautiful Thing.

Instagram: @prettycrazyco / Via Instagram: @prettycrazyco
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