10 Ways To Deal With Your Office Nemesis

Sometimes you’re stuck with a less than ideal co-worker. Here are a few ways to make it all better. See Nick Frost battle Chris O’Dowd in Cuban Fury, in cinemas March 20.

1. Start off light by hiding things in their drawers.

2. When you catch them sleeping on the job, gently wake them up.

3. Lend them a hand and help rearrange their desk.

4. Mention that you keep hearing your boss say their name in order to instill slight paranoia.

5. Take away their privileges, because they’ve acted out of order.

6. Touch their stuff… with your stuff.

7. Show them that there will be retaliation if they cross the line one more time.

8. Earn their trust, only to take it away at the last second.

9. Delicately mess with their chair in a way they’ll never see coming.

10. And when all else fails, hide out and scare them.

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