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Proof That Dancing Is The Solution To Everything

No matter what's going wrong in your life, it can probably be fixed with a dance-off. See Nick Frost play a true weapon of dance-struction in Cuban Fury, in cinemas now.

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1. Your hair is wet and your hair dryer is broken.

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2. Your car breaks down, and you still have to get to work on time.

3. You buy a new office chair, but it needs to be broken in a bit.

4. You messed up a dive in front of the person you fancy, so you have to style it out.

5. You're halfway out the door and realise you've left your keys on the kitchen table.

6. Your "friend" chucked some ice down your back, and it's stuck halfway.

7. You're attacked by strange land-dwelling sea anemones.

8. You have to change a lightbulb, but can't find the ladder.

9. You've got last-minute guests coming over, but no clean mop.

10. You're trying to put your furniture together, but can't make sense of the instructions.

India's Got Talent /

11. Your contact lens just fell on the floor.

12. You seem to have passed away. =/

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13. You go to a house party and your frenemy is wearing nearly the same outfit as you.

Your antagonistic co-worker challenges you to a lunchtime dual when it turns out that you fancy the same girl in the office.