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10 Yoga Tips You Need To Know

You may be doing a few Yoga things wrong! Let's clear up a few things and learn what to and what not to do when practicing Yoga. Namaste.

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1. Don't Push Your Bod Too Much

A yoga beginner will most likely not have flexibility like you see in all those yoga pictures. Trust me I know you want to look like them and do the same poses. But without fantastical flexibility it isn't gonna happen. Your body will tell you if it's being pushed to far..LISTEN TO IT. You don't want to tear anything (eek that sounds awful). Your body will become more limber over time. Don't push it.

2. Don't Forget To Breathe / Via

You are not being timed on how long you can hold your breath here, so breathe. One of the most important parts of yoga is the breathing. Proper breathing is essential in your practice. Make sure the inhale and exhale when your Yogi says so...they know what they are talking about. Holding your breathe stops your body from relaxing and getting that full, awesome stretch you want. It's not a contest. Breathe in that sweet, sweaty air.

3. Don't Wear Shoes

Whatever weirdo made people believe it is okay to do yoga with shoes on clearly has never taken a yoga class. We know you want to look good when exercising, we all do, but not in yoga. Being barefoot is necessary for more than one reason. You require full usage of every part of your foot for yoga. You will use your toes, heels, balls of your feet...everything. The two main reasons:

1. Balance

2.Connecting with the Earth

Don't wear shoes to yoga you will look ridiculous!

4. Don't Compare Yourself to Anyone Around You / Via

When you are doing yoga there is no need for you to pay attention to anyone but your teacher. Looking at the girl next you (#hating) who can put both legs behind her head isn't going to help you. That girls had probably been doing yoga for like 100 years. You do you boo. You will get there with practice.

5. If You Are NOT Sweating You Are NOT Doing It Right

I hate sweating just as much as the next person. But who ever said you don't sweat in yoga has never actually done yoga. Yoga is exercising, therefore if you are doing it correctly you should be heating up. You are working several parts of your body in every pose....I said don't push your body to the breaking point I didn't say DON'T push it. You should be working hard, engaging that core, stretching that body, and sweating.

It's okay to sweat, we all do it. Just remember that when we sweat we are releasing water from our bodies...making us we are loosing weight...YAY!!!

6. YES..Your Gear Is Important / Via

You walk into an athletic store (or athletic section or online) and you grab the "prettiest" yoga mat. Of course you want to be fashionable while you get your workout on. However there are many different types of mats that are designed for specific things like alignment, made with materials like latex or cotton, and have different thicknesses. This all is important to consider when you pick your perfect mat. It will make your yoga practice much better if you have the RIGHT mat for your needs....and it can still look cute.

7. It IS Okay To Eat Before Doing Yoga / Via

Somewhere along the line people made the assumption that it is not okay to do yoga after eating. FALSE! Of course you can eat and if you are hungry you def should eat! You may need the sugar for your workout. Doing yoga with low blood sugar isn't good for can cause mood swings and spaciness. Just eat something that is easy to digest like a banana, a handful of almonds, an avocado, a smoothies, or even some dark chocolate.

Eat..your body and everyone around you will appreciate it.

8. Don't Be Afraid To Test

Don't start practicing at the closest yoga studio simply for convenience. Try a few different studios and a few different teachers. You want a place that you feel comfortable, positive vibes, and connected.

It's also a good way to see if yoga is right for you!

9. Make Yoga Fit YOUR Lifestyle

Do whats suits you. Yes it is important to commit to yoga to get the maximum potential out of it but you don't need to stop your whole life to make time for yoga. You figure out how much time you have to dedicate to your practice. If its 2 days a week, perfect! Make it an awesome 2 days! If its 5, fantastic! Make it an awesome 5 days!

It comes down to how much you are willing to do. If its just waking up 20 minutes earlier to do a quick 15 minute sun salutation to start your day or going to a full class in the evenings. You decide.

10. Don't Do Yoga For The Sake Of Doing Yoga

Just because you went to 1 yoga class doesn't mean you GO to yoga. It's not something to just do because everyone else is doing it. It's a serious commitment and if you are not going to commit a portion of your life to practicing, improving, and connecting then it's not for you. No, yoga is not meant to be something you do before you get your 1 shot soy latte from Starbucks.

Yoga has been practiced for a LONGGGG time....its really old (about 5,000 years)

Don't insult it. Embrace it and learn.


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