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    • ctfclubbint

      1. Thought-maybe the traced cloned the roots from present day plants.. And or used fossils which we now know have DNA stored inside of them.
      2. Trial and error.. They tested DNA and saw what they got.
      3. The park cost anything they want “10,000 dollars to coupon day of 2,000”
      4. Sick trike doesn’t get well again before all hell breaks loose
      5. Nerdy wasacomputer nerd and didn’t study dinosaurs maybe just the names.. Yet why he wouldn’t know where the boat was after being on that island so long? Idk
      6. Vision based on movement for the T-Rex comes fromIbelieve jack horners theory.
      7. The trex is able to walk through there because that wasn’t the point in which the car got knocked off.. She through the car off farther Dow so that could work, yet there was always suppose to beaconcrete moat around all the fences in the park to stop that from happening so why they wouldn’t have one all the way around foraTrex of all things beats me.
      8. The jeep does out run the trex but it takes awhile longer due to Ian hitting the shifter down and the driver could not shift up
      9. Jeff goldblums shot was absolutely essential to show off how great of shape he is in. No homo
      10. Ray Arnold went alone to turn the power on knowing the fences were down because he is SAMUELLJACKSON, and has taken far greater risks in his life.. Like snakes onaplane of super sharks.. Why wouldn’t he think he could just stroll to the other side of the compound.
      11. Tim could not fit through the lower parks of the fence as dr grant shows. Only the top of the fence had bigger gaps.
      12. The staff left for the dock that evening before as the boat left at 1900. So they could have left the food for the guest that. Iight. The food would have still been goodIthink the next day.
      13. Tim did not hand the gun because he wasafrightened chilled and too focused on lex being able to lock the door.. Come on the kid is9for Christ sake.
      14. The trex didn’t actually sneak in.. The raptors were distracted by the prey or people, the people were in there own zone thinking they were about to be eaten and didn’t even notice the trex.. It happens when adrenaline hits you.
      15. They drove there to escape the chaos of the visitor center and what was has happening all around then, plus the neededaplace where th chopper would easily now and could recuse them with out complications.

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