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10 Things You Know To Be True If You Love Halloween

Spoopy season has arrived. Rejoice!

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Here's to you, fellow Halloween-lovers! May this year's version fulfill all of the spoopy delights your heart desires!

5. You have a playlist of the spoopy-est songs:

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"Spooky, Scary Skeletons" is a classic, but there are so many good tunes to choose from!

7. If you're into horror books, you'll dive into one of your favorites around this time of year:

Flavorwire / Via

Stephen King is one of the best-known horror genre writers. There are plenty of other novels to choose from, though!

Here's a list of the "50 Scariest" that Flavorwire compiled back in 2013.

Happy (almost) Halloween, goblins and ghouls!

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