Who Are You Most Like Out Of The KUWBB Squad

Sass like Cass? Or more Krazy like Kandle?

  1. Who is Your Favorite Kardashian/Jenner?
    1. Via Hollywood Life
      Kim Kardashian
    2. Via Hollywood Life
      Kourtney Kardashian
    3. Via Hollywood Life
      Khloe Kardashian
    1. Via Life & Style
      Kendall Jenner
    2. Via Healthy Celeb
      Kylie Jenner
    3. Via Daily Mail
      Kris Kardashian/Jenner
    1. Via Twitter
      Caitlyn Jenner
  2. What Do You Plan On Studying?
    1. Via Edelman
      Government and Politics
    2. Via Pinterest
      Computer Science
    3. Art, but you’re probably double majoring
    1. Labor Relations or you just say Pre-Law because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THAT MEANS
    2. lol idk
    3. Sociology
    1. maybe psychology? Not positive though. That’s why there’s a question mark on the head. But there’s a head. So like probably. Idk.
  3. Which Do You Want The MOST?
    1. Iced Coffee
    2. Mac ‘n Cheese
    3. Bagel
    2. Teddy’s
  4. Favorite "basic" thing
    1. Lulu lemon leggings
    2. Calvins
    3. Starbucks coffee
    1. Kylie Lip Kits
    2. East Ave Coffee
    3. Avocados
    1. Adidas
  5. Favorite TV show?
    1. Grey’s Anatomy
    2. Parks and Rec
    3. NCIS
    1. The Vampire Diaries
    2. Glee
    3. House of Cards
    1. Friday Night Lights
  6. Favorite Quote from the KUWBB gang

    *******PLEASE NOTE* The person who said the quote isn’t linked to the person you will get on the personality test. It is simply a quote a someone enjoyed.************

    1. “This summer, power moves only” - Courtney Kaufman
    2. “Is cardio abs?” - Courtney Kaufman
    3. “Anna Lowenthals attendance at MHS this year was better than Tatums!” - Cassie Summo
    4. “Tatum’s the coolest” - Tatum Kelly
    5. “Heaven sounds boring as shit, none of my friends are gonna be there.” - Tatum Kelly
    6. “Can I have some water? Or is that your moms?” - EVERYONE
    7. “My life is always at its peak” - Cassie Summo
    8. Cassie: “I love shark week!” Kendall: “Isn’t that when you get your period?”
  7. Which celebrity would you be?
    1. Ariana Grande
    2. Beyonce
    3. Blake Lively
    1. Sia
    2. Vanessa Hudgens
    3. I don’t want to be a celebrity I just want to marry someone rich
    1. Lorde. IDK random.
  8. Which Meme Do You Relate To?
  9. Where Would You Want to Vacation to Most?
    1. Florence, Italy
    2. Hawaii
    3. Greece
    4. Fiji
    5. Austrailia
    6. Thailand
    7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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