25 Reasons Hilary Duff Deserves The Title Of Best-Disney-Star-Turned-Adult

Way to go, Hils. We thought we lost you there for a bit, but you’re back in the top spot now.

1. She’s successfully stayed out of rehab

2. She has continued to stay relevant for her work and not a coke addiction, DUI, or a sex tape


3. Even though she’s made some questionable career choices, you still have to love her anyway

I have a love-hate relationship with this movie.

4. She can pull off stomach glitter

7. She is a hair goddess and looks good with any colour

8. She had a pretty successful clothing line with an extremely creative name

“Stuff by Hilary Duff”

9. She also wrote a few books!

10. She is an excellent role model

11. She brought to life one of the most iconic characters of our generation

12. Plus she starred in some of the best teen movies of all time

13. She taught us some damn good life lessons

14. Her songs were full of inspirational lyrics

“If the light is off then it isn’t on” - Hilary Duff, So Yesterday.

15. She was one-half of the best teen couple since Justin and Britney

Until he left her for Lindsay…

16. She had the most amazing wedding dress ever

17. Jokes, I mean this one…

18. She can take criticism


19. And she never lets the haters get her down

20. She was the best Cinderella

21. She taught us how to friendzone guys

22. She had a threesome with Dan Humphrey and Vanessa and she kind of made it sexy

Well it wasn’t UN-SEXY

24. Basically Hils is the best and we love her

25. Keep doing your thing, girl!

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