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    • csteinkellner

      A few things you forgot to mention:
      22. After the first trimester, all that oxygen in your blood is a ‘natural high’.
      23. You won’t feel lonely for 40 weeks.
      24. You won’t be unproductive for 40 weeks.
      25. A whole new section of the bookstore opens up to you.
      26. Tacos and chicken pot pies are OK again.
      27. Gaining weight is acceptable and even encouraged.
      28. People smile at you in elevators.
      29. Breastfeeding can also feel really good.
      30. When properly medicated, Caesareans are fascinating.
      31. The smell of florist flowers will take on new meaning forever after.
      32. The smell of fresh baby head has no corollary in nature.

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