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Meet Your Newest Crush: Jonas Kaufmann

He is probably the hottest opera singer in the world, and he will both sing and smoulder his way into your heart.

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His voice is beautiful (as is his face) / Via

“'A voice as soft as wild honey dripping from a tree’– Kipling describing Bagheera, the black panther in The Jungle Book; it could equally be applied to Kaufmann, whose baritonal timbre and almost smoky half tones make his Siegmund intensely masculine."

Mark Pullinger, opera britannia

wild honey? black panther? smoky? intensely masculine? Say no more.

Listen to him sing!

View this video on YouTube


Yep, definitely wild honey intensely masculine smoky loveliness

And, he's great in it (of course) / Via http://metropolitan%20opera

“At 43 Mr. Kaufmann is in his glory, equally adept in German, Italian and French repertory. Handsome and limber, he is a natural onstage. The baritonal colorings of his sound, his clarion top notes, the blend of virility and tenderness in his singing, his refined musicianship — all these strengths come together in his distinctive Parsifal.”

Anthony Tommasin (NYTimes)


And, he somehow always looks wonderful while singing


Which is an incredibly hard, unnatural thing to do and proves that he is probably some kind of supermodel angel sent to woo us all.

He recently released an album entitled 'Wagner'


He decided to record it to honor Wagner's 200th anniversary in 2013. It is his 6th solo album, though he has been featured on many more. 'Wagner' has climbed the itunes classical charts and is currently no. 1 in the UK!

Aside from all this, he's humble / Via

"Most people who write about me claim that I’ve always been a successful artist, but in actual fact it was long doubtful whether I would study singing at all, and later on there was no real success on my horizon."


He's graced the pages of Vogue / Via

He was featured in May 2012's Vogue in an article entitled "Lord of the Ring: Jonas Kaufmann." The article focused on his role in the Met's production of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen, and included photographs by Norman Jean Ray. He was also mentioned in December 2011's magazine for his performance in Faust.

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