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Had Sex, Got Pregnant, And Died.

IT HAPPENS, PEOPLE. Maybe we all should take Coach Carr a little bit more seriously...

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Carmen (Pan's Labyrinth)


Ofelia's mother dies after giving birth to her and Captain Vidal's son, all because she throws a mandrake root into the fire. Added lesson: don't mess with mandrake roots.

Gertrude Steiney (Jersey Girl)

Gertrude dies giving birth to Gertie. Trend: it seems that girls are only named after their mothers if their mothers are dead. Seems a little harsh, right?

Emily Webb (Our Town)

Emily dies at the end of the play giving birth to her and George's second child. Then she comes back from death to relive her 12th birthday and EVERYONE in the audience cries.

Wendla (Spring Awakening)

Via http://tumblr

In both Franz Wedekind's play and the modern musical, Wendla has sex ONE TIME, gets pregnant, and dies from a botched abortion. Possibly the epitome of had sex, got pregnant, and died.

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