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Craft Gifts I Wish It Were Still Appropriate For Me To Give

Both Mother's and Father's day are swiftly approaching. Let's revisit some of the best crafts we made in elementary school that we still wish we could give our parents. Because even though most of our craft skills have not improved since the age of ten, the fun and low cost of making homemade gifts is greatly missed.

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Shrinky Dink Jewelry

Remember these guys? They were super fun to make because they involved lots of coloring (one of my favorite childhood activities) and watching them shrink in the oven was mind blowing. There is probably a way to make classy shrinky dink jewelry, but your mom most likely won't appreciate it as much as the mismatched flower earrings you made her when you were eight.

Tongue Depressor Picture Frames

These were so easy to assemble and fun to decorate. You could even add string for hanging picture frames or connect a group of them together. There was always a picture of you inside, sometimes with a parent, sometimes not. You also probably made one devoted to your pet at some point.

Fruit Loop Jewelry

These were the best gifts because they were edible (and usually your parents let you eat them.) They were a joy to make because assembling them also meant snack time, and you loved snack time!

Hand Drawn Portraits

Your parents always loved the drawings you did for them when you were little. Your house probably resembled an art gallery devoted to you until you realized that drawing things accurately is hard. Unless you are still an artist, your parents probably don't want a hand sketched drawing you have done of them, mostly because your inability to draw isn't cute anymore.

Dandelion Bouquets

Technically not a craft, but still a popular gift to give your mom. These were all over your backyard and you liked their happy yellow color. How old were you when your mom finally told you, "Thanks for the bouquet honey, but these are weeds."?

Sharpie-decorated Coffee Mugs

Your coffee drinking dad has at least one of these per child in your family. They are super cute and all parents love them, but now your dad would probably be more excited if you got him a nice travel mug. Because it's embarrassing when people at the office see his mug and ask how old you are and he has to say "23."

Acrostic Poems

Yes, some notable writers (such as Poe and Carroll) have written grown up acrostics. But, unless you are on par with them, you should probably retire the acrostic and maybe get your parents a book of poetry instead.

Free Hug Coupons

These were great because they required little assembly time and no money! Plus, you could make them really official looking, like real coupons. Although free hugs are no longer appropriate, there is probably a grown up version of these. Like, "I'll visit you at home on a weekend of your choosing" or something.

Tissue Paper Flowers

These were the best because they could go on the kitchen table forever! They were also really fun to make in vibrant color combinations and various different shapes. While flowers that last might still be a hit, you're going to have to graduate from tissue paper and DIY. Try wooden roses!

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