13 Reasons Pope Francis Is A REBEL

Only two weeks into his papacy and he is already causing a scene. You do you Pope Francis.

1. He DOWNGRADED the papal throne

Instead, he sits in a simple chair that puts him at the same level as everyone else. Like, actually, who is this guy?

2. He didn’t wear the pope cape

When chosen as Pope, Francis emerged to greet the Vatican crowd in the simple white cassock of the papacy, instead of the Red velvet ermine rimmed cape, called the mozzetta, that everyone expected him to wear.

Here’s Former Pope Benedict

See the pompous red cape he is wearing? That’s the mozzetta that Pope Francis refused. He clearly has something against swag.

3. He Washed Inmate’s Feet

Instead of washing the feet of 12 men in St. Peter’s Basilica (to represent Jesus washing the feet of his disciples), Francis washed the feet of 12 inmates.

4. Two of the Inmates were WOMEN

This actually breaks liturgical law, which bans women from participating in this ritual. Also, one of the women was a Serbian Muslim. Allowing a non-catholic to participate has never been done before and angered many.

5. He did the whole foot-washing ritual at a Juvenile Detention Center

Instead of in St. Peter’s Basilica, where the ritual traditionally takes place. He is the first pope to change the location in HUNDREDS of years.

6. He Shuns the Popemobile

Much to the dismay of the Swiss Guard and the Vatican police, the Pope likes to get out of the Popemobile and greet people face to face. His bodyguards are all like “FRANCIS, you’re in danger” and he’s like “whatevs, God will protect me.”

7. He decided to live in the Vactican Guesthouse

INSTEAD of the Papal Apartments in the Apostolic Palace. This guy turned down living in a PALACE. What is his deal?

8. He wants to bring the Church to ‘Ordinary’ People

Look at him kiss this ‘ordinary’ baby! Pope Francis preaches about helping the poor, and his name “Francis” is after St. Francis, the servant to the poor. Catholics don’t like this because the Pope traditionally represents the “High Church.” HOW DARE Francis go against the high church?!?

9. He eats his meals in a Cafeteria

Usually the Pope is served privately in his papal apartments, but because Francis lives in the Vatican guesthouse he takes his meals there in the cafeteria with GUESTS (instead of eating with Jesus, presumably.)

10. He Dared to Stand Up

When the Cardinals addressed him. He sat on the same level as them, and then stood up to greet them. He also tripped walking towards them (embarrassing but adorable) He wants them all to be bros, duh!

11. He turned down a gift from Monsignor Guido Marini

Monsignor Guido Marini offered Pope Francis a gold pectoral cross, much like the one Pope Benedict wore. Since Marini was close to Benedict, it was a nice gesture. Francis raised eyebrows the world ‘round when he refused the gift. Who turns down expensive jewelry??

Look at that bling!

Pope Francis didn’t want anything to do with it. Is he allergic to expensive things?

12. He wants Catholics and Muslims to get along

Pope Francis has called for an “intensified” dialogue with Islam, something that has rubbed Catholic traditionalists the wrong way because they see it as a sign of religious relativism. Pope Francis just wants everyone to be friends!!

13. He said that women are ‘Fundamental’ to the church

This goes against tradition, but it should also be pointed out that Pope Francis still does not believe that women should be allowed to be ordained. Baby steps.

But, He is the Pope

“You do you, world, I’ll do me”

He makes the rules now

“Haters gonna hate”

And he’s going to be around for a looooong time

Probably. Unless he pulls a Ratzinger and dips out early…

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