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Wage Inequality In Modern America

It's a huge issue in Hollywood and beyond.

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Here are two useful resources to help you navigate and understand the reach of wage inequality in America today.

The first, via Refinery 29, is an easy-to-read compilation of stories from women in Hollywood who have experienced wage inequality firsthand and spoken out. As Beyonce said, gender equality is a myth, and these creative women are using their celebrity to expose the wage gaps in the film industry.

The second is a video from Vox that explains the nuances of wage inequality in America. This video looks at how factors like occupation, education, and motherhood affect average American women's wages as compared to those of their male counterparts.

Wage inequality is a complicated and systemic issue that impacts women across the economic spectrum. The 2016 election highlighted and reinforced the misogynistic underbelly of American society, and women are fighting for equity and equality as fiercely as ever.

The Nuances of Wage Inequality

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Via Vox

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