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Cardboard Boxes: Save It Or Not

We have been hearing the term cardboard since at least 1848. It was mentioned in Anne Bronte`s novel the tenant of Wildfell hall. The Kellogg brothers used paper board cartons to contain their flaked corn cereal when they started marketing their product for the first time. The boxes were wax sealed and had a printed brand name on them. American packaging industry exceled while using the fibre shipping containers particularly paper milk carton. It took a few years until the first cardboard producing machine was produced that created corrugated cardboards. In 1890 there came a huge innovation and the pieces of board were folded into boxes. By 1895 corrugated cardboards started travelling all around the world originating from America.

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When we talk about the cardboard boxes we think about the keeping or discarding them. Their fate depends on their type. If It is a simple coffee maker box, it may not be needed again ever and can be disposed of. On the other hand, if the cardboard box is from Amazon, it is a must keep. The packaging sometimes attracts the customers more than the product itself.

Boxes to keep

There are a number of types of boxes that we want to keep. The most common example is of a jewellery box. Almost all of us keep the jewellery box. It can be reused in many ways. They can e used to wrap small things beautifully. Another such example could be the huge diaper boxes. They are big enough and have space and can be used for a lot of purposes. The size of the boxes is important as the usage depends on it. Huge cardboard boxes can be used to store larger items. Whereas smaller boxes can be used to store smaller items. The quality of the material of the boxes determines if they can withstand the pressure. Usually the boxes are stored by being placed on one another. They should be able to endure the pressure. The corners specially need to be strong. Labels can be used to remember what is inside the box. The description of the items can also be included in the label. To air tight the box, a tape can be used. These boxes prevent the moisture and dust from damaging the items inside.

Uses of Cardboards

Generally, we think that cardboard boxes are only for moving purposes but no, there is more. Cardboard boxes come in different shape and sizes that can be decorated for different events such as Christmas. They can be formed as pillow and gift boxes. They can also be used as temporary drawers until we can afford a real dresser. Even protestors use cheap and sustainable

cardboard boxes to paint their slogan and messages. One of the great qualities of cardboard containers is that they can have partitions or dividers to keep the fragile things together but still not touching each other or getting damaged. Not to forget we all use cardboard boxes when moving houses, they can easily contain things that we don’t want to rap into a proper packing but still want to move safely.

Storing items in the cardboard boxes

Storing items in these boxes is easy. These boxes can be easily placed in the on each other in any room or the storage locker. The strong cardboard material of the boxes that boxes will not fall apart on putting some weight in them. The air and dust will be blocked by the boxes and the items inside will remain safe. The packing material inside the box is moisture resistant and keep the items safe.

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