Steven Spielberg is directing the re-make, set to shoot this summer.

Crystal Ro • 2 days ago

Make way for Prince Ali! And Prince Eric, and Prince Charming, and...

Crystal Ro • 4 days ago

There can only be one.

Crystal Ro • 4 days ago

Thin and thick, big and small, there are all kinds!

Crystal Ro • 5 days ago

Let's settle this.

Crystal Ro • 9 days ago

To Live and Die in LA...and they be carried in a Prius hearse.

Crystal Ro • 9 days ago

Brie trained for nine months before filming even began.

Crystal Ro • 10 days ago

"My sis use to date Usher in high school and she just now telling me this, smh."

Pablo Valdivia • 5 days ago

Good taste goes a long way, ya know?

Crystal Ro • 11 days ago

Bend the knee while you spill the tea.

Crystal Ro • 13 days ago
Crystal Ro • 15 days ago

The word "wicked."

Crystal Ro • 18 days ago

The ultimate free bread showdown.

Crystal Ro • 19 days ago

Marvel, Star Wars, Live-Action, Animated...we got it all in 2019!!!

Crystal Ro • 21 days ago
Crystal Ro • 22 days ago

Shake Shack vs. In-N-Out... GO!

Crystal Ro • 22 days ago

Wearing black pants pretty much every day of your period.

Crystal Ro • 23 days ago

Roma deserves ALL the awards.

Crystal Ro • 26 days ago

"No seriously, thank you for the Christmas card with glitter all over it. We were actually running low."

Crystal Ro • 26 days ago

“Never judge things by their appearance, even carpetbags.”

Crystal Ro • 28 days ago