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    19 Things That Happen When Your BFF Is Basically Your Sister

    "You're my person. You will always be my person."

    1. You're so inseparable, you think you may as well have been born conjoined twins.

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    "We can't tell where one ends and the other begins!"

    2. You occasionally gang up together on one of your "actual" siblings.

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    "How rude."

    3. You basically have your own language no one else understands.

    4. Because you tend to live in your own little world. (Particularly in public.)


    Because who gives AF about everyone else, right?

    5. You totally don’t mind sharing the bathroom with each other, because between you two, there are no boundaries.


    And some of the funniest ones, too.

    6. You borrow each other's things so often that it feels like they belong to you anyway.


    "What's her T-shirt doing in my dresser? Oh well, it's mine now."

    7. You're at each other's houses so often, your families treat you like one of their own.


    There's no point in fighting it, TBH.

    8. When you start seeing a new guy or girl, your biggest concern is that your BFF will approve.


    Though you know deep down they'll always support your happiness.

    9. You know each other's pasts so well you start to think you were by each other's side from birth.


    And maybe you were!!!

    10. You ask for your BFF's advice before your own family's.



    11. In fact, when anything goes wrong, your BFF is always the first person you talk to.

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    12. Gossiping is EASILY one of your favorite shared pastimes.

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    Too many other people to talk about, not enough time.

    13. There has been more than one occasion where you dressed the same, because OBVIOUSLY you share the same brilliant mind.



    14. Your family trips often feel pointless without each other.


    "Bored! MISS U!"

    15. Your own parents have actually had to referee fights between you two before...

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    "Did you just flick me?!"

    16. ...and you immediately made up afterwards because you legitimately felt bad about what happened.



    17. You actually know each others' interests way better than their own family.


    Same, Ethel, same.

    18. Other people find it weird when they see one of you apart from the other.


    It's just a shock to their system.

    19. And finally, you question whether you two were ~actually~ sisters in another life because you can't imagine any kind of life without each other.



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