Gal Gadot Is Playing A Character Named "Shank" In "Wreck-It Ralph 2" And LOOOOOL

    She's the star of a game called Slaughter Race :-O

    Guys, Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is gonna be in Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 as a character named SHANK.

    Gal Gadot ~broke~ the news this morning with a very excited announcement!

    And here's everything we know about Shank so far...

    She's a street racer from a game called Slaughter Race.

    She has a "tricked-out" car.

    She'll play kind of a big-sister role to Vanellope.

    And finally, although she LOOKS tough, she's actually one of the good guys.

    Ralph Breaks the Internet comes out Nov. 21!