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    What Is It With Men And Climbing Up Unstable Ladders?

    Men and ladders do not mix.

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    1. This guy who's probably dead now:

    Wetbung / Via

    2. This guy who's gonna kill his friend:

    thelienzone / Via

    3. This guy who needs better friends:

    Jusdeteep / Via

    4. And this guy, too:


    5. This guy who needs more than he has:

    snortinsawdust / Via

    6. And this guy who has way too much going on:

    IvanTheCyka / Via

    7. This guy who's in for a terrible surprise:

    FuzzyLogic27 / Via

    8. This guy who doubles as acrobat...but not really:

    Original_Flavor / Via

    9. This guy who's either a magician or really clueless:

    fangschillisauce / Via

    10. This guy whose day probably ended really badly:

    11. These guys who think they've got it all figured out:

    pierenjan / Via

    12. This guy who has a lot of questionable things going on:

    acgtr34 / Via

    13. This guy who kinda tried:

    thebeatleshits / Via

    14. This guy who's giving us second-hand anxiety:

    jake_james1234 / Via

    15. This guy who's just asking for it:

    zornathan / Via

    16. This guy who should have just gotten a taller ladder:

    spectro66 / Via

    17. And finally, this guy who really doesn't give a fuck:

    h/t MenonUnstableLadders

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