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19 Insanely Cute Kittens Who Just Don’t Know Any Better

You've got to be kitten me!

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1. This lil' guy who just attempted to eat his first real meal from a bowl.

orodruinx / Via

2. And this kitteh who passed out partway through his meal.

caitlinlaplante / Via

3. This itty-bitty kitty who's READY for her first pounce.

UsmanJohn / Via

4. This kitten who loves LICKING HIS OWN TAIL like a baby sucking their thumb!

Gro Ilebakke / Via

5. This lovely kitty who's ready for seconds...even if it's not hers.

mollipop11 / Via

6. And this BB kitty who's like, "MOOOOORE!"

Ideafix / Via

7. This teeny-tiny kitten who just wants a warm place to nap.

8. This kitten who hasn't learned boundaries yet.

Instagram: @cliniccatmaurice

9. And this lil' guy who's like, "Can I join you...please?"

shinygbird / Via

10. This perfect kitten who, OMG, fell asleep from kisses.

Shenannigans / Via

11. This kitten who learned the hard way.

ddborowitz / Via

12. This kitten who thinks mommy is a toy.

ROJinral / Via

13. And this kitten who immediately regrets this decision.

14. These kittens who think "cleaning" time is really "play" time.

Instagram: @cats

15. This wee kitteh who thinks he found a new playhouse.

siljeglefjell / Via

16. This adorable kitten who is maybe a little lost.

17. This sweet kitten who isn't ready to be on her own yet.

paprika_the_terror / Via

18. This teeny-tiny kitten who's ready for a small road trip.

ChanRancher / Via

19. And finally, this kitten who's very good at copying mama.

Ari K / Via

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