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    Will Turner's Son In The New "Pirates Of The Caribbean" Movie Is Crazy Hot

    But with genes like that, it's no surprise!

    So, Disney just confirmed that new-to-the-Pirates-franchise actor Brenton Thwaites is actually portraying Henry Turner – aka Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann's (Keira Knightley) son and inheritor of crazy good looks.

    Disney /

    The reveal came in a featurette released by Disney, and while it's been a rumor among fans for some time, let's just say this makes it OFFICIAL!


    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Disney

    Orlando Bloom will return in Dead Men Tell No Tales to play Will Turner again, but sadly Keira will not be there as Elizabeth.

    Now, the last time we saw Henry was in the THIRD Pirates movie, At World's End, and he looked a little more like this:


    Portrayed then by actor Dominic Scott Kay.

    But in the upcoming movie, it looks like he's ditched the tricorn hat and replaced it with an unbuttoned shirt.


    And I'm definitely not complaining.

    Here's a side by side for funsies:


    And because I know you're probably wondering, here's what the gorgeous Australian actor looks like IRL.

    John Sciulli / Getty

    Look at that jawline! No doubt, Mr. and Mrs. Turner would be PROUD.

    You can check out the entire Pirates featurette and Thwaites in full action here:

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