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Lots Of Celebrities Have Jaw-Dropping "Personal Life" Sections On Wikipedia — But I Wanna Know The Best

Samuel L. Jackson likes to collect action figures of his characters, and I just love that.

Have you ever found yourself (usually late at night if you're me... *awkward laugh*) falling down a deep rabbit hole on Wikipedia?

Perchance, it was specifically a deep dive down the "personal life" section of a celebrity's Wikipedia page?

Me immediately zooming to the "personal life" section of every Wikipedia page

Twitter: @GMPaiella / Via ABC

Like, maybe you were shocked to find out that not only was Julia Roberts briefly engaged to Kiefer Sutherland but that they apparently broke up THREE DAYS before their wedding in 1991?

Julia Roberts' Wikipedia page's section on her relationships
Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland smiling together at a formal event

Or, perhaps, you thought, OMG, what?! when you learned that a goose ran into a roller coaster while Fabio was on it and the incident injured Fabio's face (and left blood all over him).

highlighted section of Fabio's Wikipedia page detailing the goose incident
Fabio smiling and posing for a picture

It's possible you were honestly just like, Wow, that's very wholesome, when you learned Samuel L. Jackson loves to collect action figures of the characters he plays in movies.

Samuel L.Jackson's Wikipedia page's personal life section
Samuel L Jackson smiling

Now, obviously, Wikipedia may not always be ~factually correct~, but that doesn't stop it from being interesting... So, we want to know, what's a REALLY good, surprising, or fascinating celebrity Wikipedia page that made you say, "OMG!"? Tell us in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post! And, keep in mind, the funnier or wilder, THE BETTER!!!