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What Coming-Of-Age Movie Have You Watched A Million Times?

Everybody's weird.

Coming-of-age movies are great. When you're growing up, they often help you realize you're not the only ~weirdo~ out there.

And, when you actually ARE an adult, they become super nostalgic and remind you of simpler times...SIGH. But is there one specific coming-of-age film that truly spoke to you? That you think is just the best ever?

Maybe you're partial to classics like Stand by Me because you're drawn to dark and adventurous stories.

Or perhaps Crooklyn made you realize that having a family can be really TRYING at times.

Maybe you naturally gravitated to more emotional, romantic stories about love like Call Me By Your Name?

Or do the Pretty in Pink characters hold a very special, quirky place in your heart?

Whatever the film and whatever the reason...we want to know! Tell us what movie is THE BEST coming-of-age movie and WHY you feel that way in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!