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    18 Answers To Every In Vitro Fertilization Question You've Ever Had

    "How much does it *really* cost per round?"

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us questions they had about IVF that they were too scared to ask.

    Then we spoke to Eric J. Forman, M.D., HCLD, Medical and Laboratory Director at Columbia University Fertility Center to get his expert responses on these questions.

    And here's what he had to say:

    1. First of all, what is IVF? —madbrewer97

    2. Looking at all of the options is overwhelming, how do you choose the best doctor? —hennypennystegosaurus

    3. Everyone will tell me what IVF is like but no one will tell me what the other tests are like — how many do you need before you can start IVF? —loohoo222

    4. Do you have to try artificial insemination before IVF? —alyalyo

    5. Can you use a sperm donor with IVF? —alyalyo

    6. How much does it *really* cost per round? — lindseyb42cc36243

    7. Why is there such a huge difference in price between IVF in the US vs. other countries? —hennypennystegosaurus

    8. Does insurance cover IVF? If so, how many cycles will they help cover? —alyalyo

    9. On a scale of “I stepped on a Lego” to a “public flogging,” how painful is the process? —ashleyisworking

    10. How many embryos do people usually have implanted per cycle? — hilarym46492380b

    11. How's IVF different for women with endometriosis, if at all? —theKatherine

    12. How long do you need to wait between cycles? — hilarym46492380b

    13. How does IVF affect anxiety or depression? If it does effect it, what is the best way to practice self-care while going through the IVF process? —sophiam455e4efcc

    14. Can you do IVF after you're in menopause? How does that work? —theKatherine

    15. Is there any truth to the rumor that there is a higher instance of breast cancer in women who have done IVF as opposed to those that haven’t? —Mwkm2000

    16. Are IVF children/adults more prone to some diseases? —Mwkm2000

    17. Due to my stage three ovarian cancer I had to have both of my ovaries taken out when I was 16 (in 2014). I went through hormone treatment and was luckily able to harvest eight eggs before losing my last ovary but did not have them fertilized. What is the likelihood I’ll be able to get pregnant once or hopefully twice when the time comes? (I still have my uterus.) —amberb4cefa5cb5

    18. What resources are available for patients trying to find the right place to go for treatment? —hennypennystegosaurus

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