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    17 Of The Absolutely Fucking Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Bread

    The breadwinner you are not, sir.

    1. This bread that was gutted just to become a "cooler" for...other bread?

    verguy / Via

    I mean the sandwiches inside are cute, but...what a waste?

    2. This bread that was made into a monster of a sandwich:

    lifesnotperfect / Via

    Choking just looking at this.

    3. This bread that's been unnecessarily stuffed with cookies:

    Alarid / Via


    4. This bread that's been infected by a pair of glasses:

    MyLoveBox / Via

    "Honey, have you seen my glasses?"

    5. This bread that doesn't deserve to be topped by a doughnut:

    Joshuaisarocker / Via

    Sweet Christ.

    6. This bread that belongs in a belly, not on some feet:

    I know, I know, "loafers," but like...come on.

    7. This bread that's surrounded by a bunch of nastiness:

    dipser / Via

    That's herring on top of the bread, in case you're wondering. ::vomits::

    8. This bread that deserved better than a peanut butter-Flamin' Hot combo:

    bootytoooot / Via


    9. This bread that was wasted on a fucking pun:

    schemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemen / Via

    It's a GINGERBREAD HOUSE, get it?!

    10. This bread that probably wanted more than this hot mess:

    YoshiWithABat / Via

    Not even sure what that creamy-looking stuff is, TBH.

    11. This bread that's been stabbed with a guitar pick. A GUITAR PICK:

    SneakySpider / Via

    No toothpick? No problem...apparently.

    12. This bread that has been combined with two things it doesn't belong with:

    Fancy AF.

    13. This bread that was infiltrated by some other bread:

    rob1005 / Via

    Okay, this one is kinda cute.

    14. This bread that didn't even get the dignity of melted butter:

    This is the type of "food" my brother makes himself

    And like, ravioli? Really?!

    15. This bread, on bread, on bread sandwich that's

    JP147 / Via

    Or a "toast sandwich" if you prefer.

    16. This machine designed to slice bread that pretty much just massacred it instead:

    If this actually worked, it would actually be cool.

    17. And finally, this bread that literally ended up in the shitter:

    DEP61 / Via

    So rude.