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    People Cannot Control Their Emotions After Watching "Westworld's" "Kiksuya" Episode Tonight

    "Woke Nation."


    This is the most beautiful, touching episode of Westworld yet. #Westworld


    The "Heart-Shaped Box" cue is one the greatest uses of music in #Westworld so far — and that was a VERY high bar. @Djawadi_Ramin is a god.


    name a more iconic duo... i’ll wait #westworld


    Get you a man who will traverse the breadth of Westworld to find your reassigned host #Westworld



    Nine YEARS in Westworld without dying?! This guy is the anti-Teddy! He’s the MVP NPC! #Westworld


    "My pain was selfish. Because it was never only mine. For every body in this place there was someone who mourned their loss. Even if they didn't know why." #Westworld


    As soon as the end credits start to roll. #Westworld


    So we been stuck with Dolores all season when we could of been getting this Akecheta story 😒#Westworld


    So after all this time Akecheta was just trying to help Maeve and her daughter safe 😮 #Westworld



    man i JUST realized that ake was talking to maeve for this entire episode... smh damn im slow #westworld


    Westworld's showrunners have been fucking my mind for two years and now they're breaking my heart. That final scene was a sucker punch. #Westworld


    #Westworld Me rooting for anyone but the humans. Especially after that episode.


    I'm absolutely stunned by tonight's show. This was a perfect directed episode done by Uta Briesewitz, and I have to say it is one of the best episodes I've seen on television period. @ZahnMcClarnon and @JuliaRJones performances were outstanding! That was beautiful. #Westworld


    The way this episode just took the racist stereotyping we’ve seen regarding the ghost nation being savages and only savages, and then saying wait no, YOU the audience were the ones judging a book by its cover, hit me between the eyes and I’m pleased. #westworld


    This is honestly the first episode of #Westworld this season I have understood from start to finish

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